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Sabres Media is a Norfolk, Virginia-based software development and design agency. With an intuitive approach and expert designers and developers, we strive to bring your business to the next level. Whether its mobile development, web development, or any one of our other award winning services, there is a place for you in the Sabres Team.

Our Mission

Top-tier mobile and web solutions are far too complex for the average business and institution. We are here to fix that. With transparent pricing and an involved and agile approach, we demystify the development process and are redefining the industry.

Our Role

We act as your guiding hand to expand your business and marketing efforts. We take your business as serious as we take ours. There are no shortcuts, just premium quality at a reasonable price.

Our Values

We hold our customer relationships to the highest standard and ensure a seamless and quality experience for those who put their trust in the Sabres team.


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We are a community of passionate engineers and sales leads crafting a better internet age

Sabres has been able to prove the ability to bridge the gap between disruptive technologies and sectors which require stability and security. Sabres sets itself apart with its client-based vision as its top priority and its ability to adapt to market driven trends. Our initiative for delivering innovative and quality solutions is reflected in our high client retention rate.

Sabres has been uniquely positioned in the cross between academia and the commercial sector, providing phenomenal quality alike. Working with top universities across the east coast, Sabres is able to guide its clients to achieve their goals for effective and high-converting websites and applications

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